Saturday, August 19, 2006


Two Days to Go

With only a couple of days left, here's a quick update before I get back to coding:

Testing has been broadened, covering what should be a representative sample of Perl 5 code, with good results. As expected, the percentage covered dropped a little across more code, but well over 95% of code is still parsed without errors (the actual coverage is ~98%+). I'm trying my hardest to get the last bits covered.

Few new translations were added this week. I've been feeding some code to Pugs, and the biggest problem tends to be with pre-decleration of variables. I've added an option to add "no strict;"
which should fix code, but "no strict;" isn't supported by pugs yet. I've been working on the mechanics of adding declerations, but haven't made enough progress for it to be viable yet. So, long story short, there's no real fix yet for the decleration of variables in files that don't already use strict.

I think that, in the long run, "no strict" is a good option since the presumption of the parser is that the Perl 5 code is valid and safe. For now, I'm working on a translation option to add "my" or "our" as needed to declare variables and make it strict.

With appropriate declerations, most translated code (including my classic test file, works fine in Pugs.

With my last two days, I'm going to try bug fixes, more testing, and hopefully get a variable decleration translation in.

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