Friday, August 11, 2006


The end is near...

All prophecies of doom aside, this week has been fairly productive. I've got a few more translations taken care of , as well as bug fixes. Documentation has been updated to reflect some new functionality, including the now completed option to do minimal regex changes using the :Perl5 modifier.

The code now runs without errors over ~98% of perl5's t directory (the actual percent covered is something like 97.77777...). However, my main problem is the appearance of unknown nodes. Since all possible nodes are now explicitly named, I know that Unknown nodes are appearing due to certain functions being called in places they shouldn't (many of my functions use an unknown node as a non-terminal way of returning an error). My first task of next week is to get rid of this problem.

I'm getting ready to really work my butt off this final week. Starting Monday I'll be back at new Mexico Tech, which means better internet access and plenty of free time. Hopefully I can get some real quality work done in the next week, to shore up some points that are still weak.

I'll still be updating next week, and I plan to post the week after that with a final report of what I've accomplished. Still, at this point I'd like to thank the Perl community for the opportunity to get to do this. I've learned an amazing amount this summer, and I look forward to continuing to work on Perl (and Pugs, and Parrot, etc...). Immediately following the Summer of Code I plan to continue revising and improving my translator, and helping in other areas when I can.

Thanks again for this great opportunity. Now to code...

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