Thursday, August 03, 2006


Another Week of Translations

This week I've broadened my testing quite a bit. I've run my translator across all of perl5/t, and regularly rerun it over t/op (since this directory has a fairly representative sample of perl 5 code). As of today, roughly 98% of perl 5 code translates with no major problems (the translations may be wrong and are likely incomplete, but the translator doesn't crash either). For now I'm working on the robustness of the translator more then translations, but I have added a few this week (the svn logs should have all the details).

With the end of the project in site, I'm beginning to worry about completion. However, it seems stupid to worry about how far I get: if I don't finish by the SoC end date, I just continue to work and don't worry about the money. If I do finish, then great. Either way, worrying about it now only slows me down, so I'm just plugging away.

My goals for the next week are some continued testing, to identify areas that are not as finished as they should be, and working on some of the conversions left to do. I also plan to reread the synopses, as just today I found a translation (an easy one, luckily) that I had missed in design but should be in the code.

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