Thursday, July 13, 2006


Translation Update

Some big changes in the code this week. I've ended up with more code just for parsing and other tasks then I expected, so I've packaged everything up into some nice little modules. I also decided my code had reached the point where it was a good idea to move from a function called in GHCi to a compilable program. I've also added command line switches for some of the debugging functions, such as a verbose mode and unknown node identification.

I've also updated all my documentation with a full break down of what the modules do and how to use them. The only thing lacking is a makefile (I've been using ghc -- make for now).

Also this week I've added a couple of new translations (including foreach loops) and some HereDoc support (which is broken at this point, but it doesn't perturb anything else).

The code is now more usable then ever, it can parse everything but heredocs, and it can translate a good bit too, plus it's more user-oriented (as opposed to the function version, which was more for debugging then anything).

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