Thursday, July 20, 2006


Translation News

This week was a little slow due to a flu I managed to catch. Despite a week of decongestants and coughing, I managed to make considerable progress on translating regular expressions. I wrote a (fairly simple) parsec parser that takes a Perl 5 regex and spits out as close to a Perl 6 regex as it can. Some of the translations will have to be in external functions, since the parser only sees the text string of the regex, not the quotes or any of the other externals.

The sheer number of completed items to show for this week makes it look like a VERY productive week, even if a lot of the translations are almost trivial to implement (translating one metacharacter is a lot like translating another metacharacter, for the most part). Still, I'll take my victories where I can, and marking off a large number of items from the Perl 5 -> Perl 6 translation guide this week felt great.

For the remainder of the week I'm working on finishing up regexs and some of the tougher Stage one conversions. I think, with some careful re-reading of Synopsis 5 I can take care of my remaining regex issues. Beyond that, I need to get a clear reading of what issues I've handled, what I've identified and still not completed, and what I just plain haven't touched on yet. I'm hoping to start next week with getting a clear view of what I've done and what I still have to due, and then dive headlong into what I still have to tackle.

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