Wednesday, June 14, 2006


What's new this week on the DBI front

This week, progress wasn't from the immediately visible - code - kind, but rather from brainstorming over various basic parts of DBI and exploring Perl 6: figuring out to handle tricky issues such as logging elegantly, without including it in a dispatcher mechanism (the DBIv1 way) or how a handle looks like (whether an application handle HAS-A driver handle or IS-A).

The current design is to encapsulate logging/tracing/profiling behind a role, so it basically intercepts and redispatches (basically overriding) method calls when it is composed at runtime into a handle.

About the handle issue, my mentor, Tim Bunce feels that breaking with the way DBIv1 HAS-A handle would be more fitting for Perl 6; rather than to use JDBC for an inner handle and then wrap it in a fixed class, which would make subclassing easy, he thinks that this isn't the best or most flexible way to tackle the issue. This would make subclassing not so easy, but then it can be encapsulated to make it easy again. :)

In the short term I'll be coming up with a PoC for the logging/tracing role and then continueing to work my way through the design of DBI, detailing and hashing out the specific parts.

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