Saturday, June 17, 2006


Starting to write tests

I finished my exams, so I've sat down and started on the first set of tests to write: for modules that currently have absolutely no coverage.

Part of this is figuring out where the tests go in the POE source. The test system has quite a complicated structure because parts get automatically copied to help test different combinations of runloops and queues.

The other challenge is that the uncovered modules are the some of the trickiest to test well. One is POE::Wheel::ReadLine which provides a prompt with line editing like a unix shell (or the CPAN shell even) but its main function is interacting with the user and simulating a user isn't going to be terribly easy. I suspect that I'll end up not covering it fully, but instead just testing that it compiles and loads, and has the right functions available to the programmer.

Update: I've just noticed that the proposals are now visible on google's website.

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