Friday, June 02, 2006



First a few words about myself: I'm a British student reading maths at Cambridge. I've known perl and UNIX for quite a while now and I've used various parts of the excellent perl community such as perlmonks and irc for help in the past, and it's really great now to have the opportunity to work on a very interesting module.

POE is, at its heart, a big loop. Admittedly it's got a lot of features such as pluggable loops, wheels, drivers, filters, alarms, signals, aliases, states, components and sessions (which isn't really the friendliest list of jargon a module could have); but in the end it just waits for something to happen, and then finds your code to handle that. The beauty is that it works whether you're using select, Tk or Event (there's others too) to multiplex your filehandles, and it saves you writing quite a bit of code that's the same in every app.

Right now I'm studying for exams, so I haven't dived straight into writing code (not that you should without a plan), so I'm been learning POE's existing test suite, and the handy script by Rocco has for running the test suite under coverage. I couldn't resist adding a few features to it, and throwing together a commits bot for irc though.

Coverage (by line) has turned out to be higher than I expected, so as well as getting overall coverage up, I'll be paying more attention to the ‘depth’ of tests in branch and code coverage, and in different combinations such as wheels with loops. A complete list of my deliverables and goals should be in the proposal that google will publish at some point.

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