Saturday, June 17, 2006


Perl5 -> Perl6 Translation Update

Well, I'm having problems with reading in the AST from a file. I've got all the basic stuff covered, but one odd case (some of the block yaml stuff) is giving me problems. I've got some basic translations in, but I really need to finish the AST input before I do too many more.

The case that's giving me problems is a Yaml literal block with chomp modifier: When a node has 'uni: |+' I'm having a hard time, mostly since the end of the block is only identified by the beginning of another node. I haven't been able to find a good way to get Parsec to look ahead to check if a node starts on the next line without consuming it.

Everything else is going well. I have all the other cases covered (that I know of), so I've done some of the easier translations on the node types that are already complete.

I'm a little concerned that things are moving slower then I'd like, but I think my progress is about as fast as most of the other projects, so hopefully I won't be behind.

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