Thursday, June 08, 2006


Another Week, Another Update

Finally getting some code written this week. Working in Haskell (for use with Pugs), I've got the basic structuring I need to hold the AST of a Perl 5 program, I'm working today on getting an AST from a file (produced by Larry Wall's parser) into my Haskell structure. With any luck, by the end of the week I think I'll have the basic translations outlined in my design document implemented. I'm also working on laying out a more in depth design document for stage two (more complex translations) and doing research for the higher level translations, such as translating the various P5 object "standards" to the P6 standard.

As for myself, I've been learning like crazy. It's great being plunged into this stuff, my school work isn't challenging like this, I've really been forced to learn a lot about languages in general and Perl in particular. I've made more mistakes then I'd like, but I've learned a lot from those mistakes, so I'd say things are coming along alright so far.

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