Sunday, May 28, 2006


YAI - Yet Another Introduction

I'll just jump right into it and say a few words about myself first.

I'm a hungarian student, studying at Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem. I've always been interested in languages, computer or otherwise, so it is not too hard to imagine why Perl appealed to me in so many ways from the beginning, since I started out with the language a couple of years back.

The project I'm working on, "Perl 6 DBI Module" is in some ways a return to why I originally started learning Perl, to be able to interface with a database. DBI itself is very old, the Perl 5 version of the module started out in 1994 and has accumulated a lot of historical baggage throughout the years. My project, a Perl 6 DBI could be summed up as a bridge between the Perl 5 version of DBI and the future DBI2 in both architectural and timeline sense. The Perl 6 DBI module will retain the DBI v1 API, while having a completely redesigned and rewritten internal structure. It will also serve as the means to let the v2 API emerge from the new foundations. Google will most likely publish the accepted proposals next week, so for a detailed description please check the SoC website.

In the short term I'm working on getting DBI's structural overview done, separating core and optional functionality which can be encapsulated by Perl 6's new OO capabilities and in the name of the 'release early, release often' principle, getting something to work asap.

So, that's about the project and myself, this is going to be an exciting summer for all of us.

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