Saturday, May 27, 2006


Another introduction

So, I'll be the next. In fact, I've started recording my progress *before* the SoC began in my newly created blog Yet Another Pugs Hacker's Blog so that I will mainly post there and maybe leave a stub or a copy here.

I am from Taiwan (by the way, I haven't seen any Taiwan students in the reposting biographies on the mailing list), currently a junior student in National Taiwan University. My interested topic is programming language and also software engineering and algorithm.

My project is "Pugs Self-hosting Bootstrap From Perl 5 and Rules," which is not quite clear what I am going to do by looking at the project name. A complete introduction of my project is the TODO file of Pugs::Grammar::MiniPerl6. Also, my blog entry for summer of code contains my proposal.

Finally, thanks to Google, The Perl Foundation, all the mentors, and Audrey Tang, the leader of pugs project.

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